The Conference of the INDO-US Emergency and Trauma Collaborative has been an annual academic conclave for innovators in health care with a sheer focus on developing Academic Emergency and Trauma Sciences in India.

The Annual Meeting is a summit where Students, Nurses, Administrators, Policy Makers, Public Health workers as well as Academic and Practicing Physicians come from across the disciplines in Medicine, as Emergency and Trauma span every medical field. EMINDIA would be India’s only national conference imparting and exchanging quality knowledge in emergency care with an innovative interactive platform.

After the mammoth success of over a decade of INDUSEM meets, EMINDIA 2019 is an academic national conference on Emergency Medicine conducted by Emergency Physicians in India, and is focused on advancing quality Emergency Medicine Education, Research and Care in India. EMINDIA 2019 offers an open access academic platform which possesses the unique opportunity for clinicians to Interact using the INDUSEM “Case Based Learning Conference (CBLC)” Model. The INDUSEM ideology is realistic, practical, nation-focused and patient-centered. The experts at INDUSEM have learnt over the years that Case Based Learning is a much better way of engaging with experts of today and tomorrow. Hence the “CBCL Conference Model” was created to offer an opportunity to clinical educators, clinical care providers and clinical academicians to interact using case presentations.


This is a unique style of learning Emergency Medicine through actual cases. Physicians in training (MD/DNB) will present cases and crucial teaching points, followed by discussion upon the case which will be driven by moderating faculty. Diverse cases of varied complexity will be considered for presentation. These can belong to various sub-disciplines of Emergency Medicine.

Speakers in the Case Based Learning session will be evaluated by Faculty moderators under specific heads There is also a star speakers segment where selected Speakers will host Panel discussion with subject experts on Important domains in Emergency Medicine.

They will share stage with renowned speakers in the Annual INDO-US meet

Interdisciplinary talks

A very important component of EMINDIA 2019 will be extensive interdisciplinary sessions discussing various aspects emergency medicine practice in India. Each talk will be delivered by an expert speaker of international stature followed by discussion by the faculty from Emergency Medicine.